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You catch yourself day-dreaming at every wedding about

the Wedding Planner’s job.

Getting to dot i’s, cross t’s, and create artistry with design elements and florals--all in the name of hospitality & marriage?

It’s your ultimate dream job … if only you knew where to start!

So you’re pinning articles about starting a creative business and adding magazine tear-outs to your Wedding Planning files (of course you’ve kept your own Wedding Planning binder--that thing was a work of art!), but you have no clue what to do beyond that. It’s like there’s a secret behind the whole “start a small business thing … and you haven’t figured it out yet.


Plus, some days, the thought of having someone trust you with (and pay you for) stewarding a budget of something to the tune of $60,000 is downright intimidating, and stirs up major imposter syndrome feelings: “Who are they to trust someone with my experience level with THAT kind of a budget?” you think.


You’ve clocked HOURS following all the right wedding accounts on Instagram for inspiration, listening to webinars, and peeking over the fence into this world of small business ownership--any downtime you get, your wheels are turning on how this could work.

So, you’re scrolling through your favorite wedding blogs again, filling your head with hundreds of ideas your heart yearns to recreate with your own special spin … would you ever be able to call yourself a professional Wedding Planner?


What if you closed your notebook after the end of your first client consult with a new Bride already on your books for her upcoming wedding?


Imagine landing the high-end, heartfelt bride who trusts your expertise and vision (and can afford you)—so you can get to work helping her joyfully and gracefully execute the wedding she’s always wanted?

You’d be able to wake up to a job you adored, because you’re finally putting your creative eye at work to build bespoke, curated affairs for clients who treasure your ideas … and love the way you steward their budget.


After all, supporting yourself and your family financially doesn’t have to look like a 9-to-5 job … and it shouldn’t mean spending countless hours on Instagram with a new Wedding Planning account you created for your  business, just to try to attract a new client … or counting pennies for months trying to save up for a professional website. Sure, those things are nice, but your client experience and Wedding Planning process is the heartbeat of your business, and booking those clients is easier than you think when you have a system.


I’m Jessica, and I teach women like you how to start your own Wedding Planning business.

And now? I am drawing back the curtain so you can virtually shadow me on the job and in my studio, learning the exact steps to building the profitable, Wedding Planning business of your dreams.


This is how to start getting paid for your organizational expertise and creative eye.


By following a step-by-step blueprint.

My Engage course was created after countless hours coaching women over coffee dates through the very steps that are included in this program: it’s my blueprint to starting up a Wedding Planning business that gets you hired and paid for your eye for detail and heart for weddings.


It’s a 5-step roadmap giving you the training, toolbox, timelines, checklists, swipe files, live support, and more so you can start booking your first official wedding clients--and deliver a stellar client experience that backs it up.


During our time together, I’ll guide you through how to brand (and name!) your new business, price your services, book your ideal client, AND implement my exact Wedding Planning process … down to handing over questionnaire, timeline, and email templates I send to my own clients.

Are you ready to finally launch a Wedding Planning business that gets clients?

Start doodling your logo and picturing it on creamy, letterpress business cards

--Let’s do this.

Here’s what you get inside Engage...

Module One | Starting Your Business

What’s that mean for you?

  • My 5-step thought process for How to Name Your Wedding Planning Business, a lesson that guides you through what you should consider when selecting the name that goes at the top of your website (and those creamy, letterpress business cards you’ve dreamed of!).

  • The Brainstorming Your Business Name Worksheet, to give you added support and confidence in figuring out that first impression that will set the tone for your business.

  • Defining Your Business Aesthetic, a step-by-step look at what’s needed to visually represent your new venture, from logo to color palette and Instagram account.

  • My Checklist for Website Creation, including the 6 can’t-miss things your website must include, so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to getting your first website up and running for your potential brides to virtually “meet” you.

  • A How to Guide for Styled Shoots, so you can confidently reach out to vendors for the first time and populate your portfolio with “weddings” that are exactly your style--plus, the email template you can send when pitching a styled shoot.

  • My recommendation for the client management software I use in my own business (plus a discount), so you can professionally send out digital brochures, contracts, and get paid for your work, all in one beautiful, branded platform.

  • What to Do During Your First Client Meeting, a lesson giving you my 6-part recipe for the perfect client meeting when it’s time to sit down and introduce yourself to your first potential bride client.


Module Two | Booking Your Ideal Client

What’s that mean for you?

The 3-Step Question Ideal Client Checklist to identifying your ideal couples—because this is hands-down the most profitable way to think through who you need to target, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Common Mistakes in Identifying Your Ideal Client, the two biggest misconceptions I see new Wedding Planners make when it comes to finding brides to serve, so you don’t get started on the wrong foot

6 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Clients, so you can seamlessly start to market yourself to and find like-minded couples eager to work with you!

My First Meeting Checklist and To-Do List, so you don’t miss a single step of the equation during your first meeting--and even remember custom touches, like the perfect gift to bring to your sweet bride-to-be!

My 360-degree guide to working with “The Negotiator Bride” … you know, the one that wants to create a custom contract and experience (I’ll even tell you the mistakes I made at first!), so you know when it’s okay to bend your own business rules--and when you need to set the tone as the professional artist.

How to Create Your Booking Process--you’re a fan of planning? Me, too! Let’s figure out a streamlined booking process so you can tweak and repeat a system in your business, and never forget a step.  


Module Three | How To Plan A Wedding

What’s that mean for you?

  • The First Question I Ask New Couples, because you’ve booked your client (yay, you!)--but now what? Let’s figure out how to kick-off a planning process that works for them.

  • The Budget Breakdown, giving you a detailed action plan for organizing your client’s budget, so you can show your client how you respect their budget (even how to convince that father of the bride who is nervous his budget will be blown!) and adjust things for your clients’ priorities.

  • My Styling Presentation Process for creating a visual map for your clients and telling a gorgeous wedding story, so your brides can see their dream day unfold and get excited about what you have in mind to make her dreams come to life … I’ll show you how!

  • How to Build a Team of Vendors--because teamwork makes the dream work, and I want to make sure you’ve wisely built a group of vendors that represent your work and personality well as an extended member of your team.

  • 6 Ways to Create Boundaries with your clients, so you know how to professionally separate work and personal life--and stop those calls from the bride before they start, so you can cook dinner or bath little ones in peace!

  • The Master Timeline 101 this is your BFF on wedding day, and I’ve even included a sample timeline--and shot list!--to guide your first wedding until you’ve got enough weddings under your belt to build out your own wedding day timeline.

  • How-to Guides for The Rehearsal & The Wedding Day, so you know the anatomy of the big weekend, and are ready and on-hand to serve your sweet clients.


Module Four | Timeline Creation + Diagrams

What does that mean for you?

  • My Timeline Basics Guide with techniques to getting all the pertinent information in one place, so you can easily print it and have it on your clipboard at showtime—I got your back, and I’ll hold your hand to map out your wedding day flow.

  • My Final Timeline Email Template, giving you an exact fillable email swipe to use when sending your final timeline over to your bride-to-be and her fiance.

  • The exact number of timelines to print, and whom to give them to, to cut down on those “where should I be and at what time” texts you don’t want your bride having to deal with on her wedding day (hint: I average about 14!).

  • What you need to know for lining up the wedding party in your Ceremony Standing Guide for a Traditional or Jewish Ceremony —a printable for each ceremony you can take with you to the rehearsal.

  • Guide to Place Settings--because cotillion may have been decades ago, and you need a refresher … or just a printable to back pocket and whip out during day-of set-up.

  • Emergency Kit Checklist, so from last-minute bridesmaids gown rips to a boutonniere that won’t stay put, you’re armed for anything.

MODULE FIVE | Hosting a Wedding Rehearsal

What’s that mean for you?

  • An Overview of a Wedding Rehearsal that can give you the confidence to lead 20-30+ people in a joyful and kind--yet firm--way.

  • My 3-Step Guide to the Rehearsal Process, so you never have to worry how to structure the rehearsal day itself …  or pivot from everyone milling about to taking charge and giving the game plan.

  • A How to Place the Wedding Party cheat sheet, including a how-to guide for coaching the father of the bride exactly how to give away his little girl.

  • The 8 Things I Tell Groomsmen--because they bring the laughs, but “bro tribe” can also be notorious for forgetting to pick up their tux … I’ll tell you my tips on wrangling them.

  • How to Dry Run the Rehearsal with Readers & Soloists, so you know to remind them about things like where to sit and run a sound sampling with the tech team.

  • Order of a Processional and Recessional, including printable guides to pop in your binder and take with you on-site as a cheat sheet.

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You’ll also get instant access to:

  • 42 pages of actionable, printable insight in your course worksheets

  • 3 video training modules

  • 1 30-minute 1-on-1 call with me {after you complete the program}, so you have a safe space + someone to bounce your initial Wedding Planning business ideas off of---I’m all ears!

  • My 92-page resource guide, featuring everything from what to include on your website to how exactly to send things like questionnaires and contract agreements, and even a fillable 10-step timeline to growing your new business


How does Engage work?

  1. As soon as you enroll, head over to your inbox for your login password, & get ready to learn! Pour a cup of Earl Grey, light a candle, & start watching Module 1: get your wheels ready to turn on selecting the perfect business name--you’re really going to do this!

  2. Work through your 5 lessons & 42 worksheet pages, then dive into a 30 minute 1-on-1 call with me to pick my brain on anything that’s gotten your wheels turning about getting your business officially launched, booking the right clients, and marketing your new business.

  3. Fast forward a few weeks, and you’re seated across steaming cups of coffee at your first client meeting … and you’ve got a binder full of swipe files, checklists, cheat sheets, and timelines to coach your couple through their big day (and get paid to do it!).


So, what’s your investment?

Well, you could keep DIYing your Wedding Planning business dreams--tearing out magazine pages of timelines and emergency kit checklists  you’d use for clients someday, and scrolling through blogs, emails, and Instagram feeds from fearless female entrepreneurs who gave the wedding business thing a run … mentally noting anything that would help you give it a try yourself.


Or, you could shortcut your way to a wedding business, get launched, and get all the lists you need to get started in one place.


Swipe my very system that has helped me serve hundreds of couples, so you can put your creative eye to work and purposefully serve dear couples as a professional Wedding Planner.


Your investment for Engage

One Payment of $497

or 3 Monthly Payments of $175

Plus, you’ve got my word: Your enrollment in Engage is completely risk-free, because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If after 30 days, you’ve watched all 3 videos, applied the learnings, jumped on your 1-on-1 call with me, and still aren’t feeling confident in building the wedding business of your dreams, I’d be happy to buy the course back from you. 


Click here to read all the nitty-gritty details about how I’ve got your back.


How to know if you’re a perfect match for Engage:

  • You’ve studied up on becoming a Wedding Planner since J. Lo waltzed around sculpture gardens in your favorite 90s movie: you know you’d be so good at it … you just need someone to hold your hand and show you step-by-step how to get started and command your value as a professional.

  • You’ve got a lineup of entrepreneurial podcasts on your iPhone, a ton of wedding blogs pinned, and a file of creative business-focused email newsletters filed away… but sometimes you feel like you’d have to stay up even later blinking your sleepy eyes at a screen to consume all that business content--you’d rather have all the 411 in one place to consume quickly.

  • You just *know* there’s a way to get paid for your love of weddings and planning expertise, because you’ve seen plenty of women launch successful creative and wedding businesses … you’re just not quite sure how to get started yourself.

  • You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning how to plan a wedding, because you remember your own wedding--or the countless ones you’ve been to--but want to make sure you have systems, processes, and more nailed down … and know where to place the maid and matron of honor during the ceremony.

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this wedding planning business thing once and for all, leaving fears about failure in the dust, and getting your creative dreams a little bit closer to fulfillment.

And just who am I?

Hi! I’m Jessica, a Wedding Planner and stylist based in South Carolina … or as I say, a Wedding Planner-Dreamer-Wisher who cannot remember a time when I wasn’t captivated by all things pretty.

I believe weddings aren’t meant to be stuffy or stressful, and as planner, it’s a gift that we get to serve a couple during such a momentous time in their lives--and I love keeping the celebration at the forefront of planning!

After majoring in design and then working my first wedding in 2005, I got to work, falling head-over-heels with being such an integral part of a milestone event in someone’s life, and building a business that’s now served hundreds of couples over twelve years.

And now?

I’m peeling back the curtain and showing you how you can do that, too.

It’s your time, friend: I want you to learn how to serve sweet couples with joyous planning, unique creativity, and hopeless romance, too … it’s a life-giving job, and I’d love to show you how to get started!

Here’s what others have asked before joining Engage:


Q : What if I’ve never booked a client before?

A-ok! This is for anyone who wants to start booking brides and getting paid as a professional Wedding Planning—whether you’ve planned an event for a friend or family member or are just dreaming about the day that happens. This course walks you through how I set up my own Wedding Planning business, so you can get started booking your ideal clients, holding your first meetings, and setting up your first wedding day as a planner.


Q: Jessica, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a longer payment plan?

Oh, friend, I’ve totally been there. I’ve absolutely made scary investments in my business when I wasn’t sure how I was going to make the money back, and there’s no doubt it’s a scary thing. Even 12 years into my business, I work so hard to ensure each financial decision is stewarded well. But here’s what I’ve learned: Every single time I invest in my business (instead of DIYing education from YouTube videos, podcasts, and blogs) it puts my skin in the game. It makes it real. And something psychologically lovely happens: I challenge myself to make it back, and work really hard until I have.


Investing in your Wedding Planning business guarantees that you’ll actually fight for your investment and work to make back what you put down. Could you learn all this on your own? Probably, if you put in the next 6 months soaking up multiple email newsletters, blogs, Pinterest boards, and more. But speaking from experience, I can tell you that every time I’ve made the decision to sink my teeth into education that will get me from Point A to Point B quicker, I make back my investment multiple times.


And don’t you worry: I am no fan of buyer’s remorse , my 100%, 30-day happiness policy is yours for the taking: If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Click here to read more!


Q: I don’t think I have time for this.

Let me guess: you’re surrounded by little ones tugging at your hand, or feel jailed to a 9-to-5 job and don’t know when you’d pack it in—I get it! If you can commit to watching about 1.5-hours of video training, and spending 5 hours digging into your homework and worksheets, leave the rest to me: I’m handing over my swipe files, systems, and checklists, so you don’t have to do ANY more digging or Pinterest-hunting. The best news is, they’re yours for life, and are ready to go in the first wedding that you book!


Q: There’s no WAY I could actually make money as a Wedding Planner!

Oh my goodness—I used to feel the same way when I started my business. What I learned was that there are simple, practical things you can do to put a finger on the wedding market, find the pulse on niche that you can serve, book those clients, and get paid to joyfully serve them as a planner. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes … and I’ll show you my exact system for getting booked for your packages.


Q: How long do I get access?

Does lifetime access sound okay for you? (wink) Once you’re inside Engage, all 5 modules are waiting for you

Put on a kettle, pull out the fancy china (why not!), and settle in with your favorite notebook. Watch at your own pace, hit pause, re-watch, and fast-forward whenever you need to. I have coached countless women over coffee dates, so I packed in everything I’ve ever been asked--it’s all waiting for you!


Q: Do you offer refunds?

I have a tight return policy—but that’s only because my heart is to make sure I’m attracting dedicated wedding-planners-to-be. I have worked so hard to make this program serve you right where you are, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t truly experience until you dive in. So, by purchasing, you’ll get  my 30-day guarantee: if you complete all 5 modules, do all the worksheets,  hold your one-on-one call with me within 30 days, and still aren’t satisfied, just show me your work—I’m happy to buy the course back from you.


Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I sure would love to chat with you to make sure this is the right fit for you, friend! Email me at hello@jessicarourke.com with any questions.